Hyper Target Marketing Strategies that Attract Key Customers

We make sure your campaign targets the best matches

Neo targets IP addresses eliminating waste compared to cookie targeting and providing better conversations!

Here's Why

Cookie-Based advertising is wrought with issues

Most Importantly:

  • Only 50-60% of devices can accept cookies, because they're being blocked by the browser or ad-blockers:
    • Firefox and Safari turn them off by default (you have to turn them on to accept them)
    • The vast majority of smartphones block them by default (you have to turn them on to accept)
  • Cookie pools are inaccurate – Example: I did some online shopping for a pair of Tori Burch shoes for my wife for Mother's Day. Ever since, I've been receiving ads for women's dresses, bikinis, and lingerie!

Cookies expire & are deleted

  • Cookie-based advertising is wrought with ad fraud from bots & spiders. Bots & Spiders crawl the net and pick up cookies along the way as they continue to crawl, they are being served ads based on those cookies We purely serve at the IP level, specifically at the matched human IP level.

Fraud in Advertising

What you don't know could hurt your bottom line

Check out this article

(A bit long, but well worth it)

It proves that 60-92% of digital marketing spends are wasted to various forms of fraud. Even Google admits to the massive fraud problem with their ads. Since We're serving at the matched human IP level, we can honestly say that 98+% of the ads we deliver are being served to humans.

Now, we still think everyone should be doing cookie-based retargeting because it's cheap ... if someone visits your website and you can get a cookie to them, I'll put up with the fraud (bots/spiders) for the low CPM. We can get you a cookie pixel to place on a site and serve that traffic for $5 CPM.

Or, we can take retargeting to a whole new level and target the list of IPs that have visited a page/site, append down to the human IPs, and hit 100% of them - that's at our normal IP targeting CPM, but you're hitting the full list.