The Best E-Mail Marketing Services

Execute with Email

Here's Why:

Email has fast become a part of virtually everyone’s daily routine. Sometime, between waking up and walking out the door for the day, most of us have checked email at least once. Ninety-one percent of consumers check their email at least twice throughout the day. That being said, email is a cost-effective promotional tool when used correctly. There’s a fine line between effective and rubbing customers the wrong way. The key is getting the right message across to customers, at the right time, with measurable results. NEO Marketing, LLC can craft an email campaign that is right for you and your customers

Customers are more likely to be receptive to messages that they have seen or heard before. For that reason, NEO Marketing, LLC designs email campaigns that pair with all other aspects of your marketing strategy including, but not limited to, direct mail, websites and digital campaigns. We conceptualize and bring to fruition marketing campaigns that bring value to your customers and thus increase sales for your dealership. Coordination, consistency & clarity are the keys to driving sales. Like all aspects of our marketing services, our email campaigns are customized to meet your dealerships objectives. Specifically, our email campaigns are crafted to reach your customers successfully. With each campaign, we are able to provide you with measurable, real-time results. Does email marketing work? We could easily provide you with statistics and studies that prove that it does, but that information has very little to do with you, your dealership, and your customers. You will know that email marketing works once you experience it for yourself.