Call Center / BDC For Dealers

All traffic Builder Mailers come with the following!

Dealerships can become so busy during the day and then there is no one to take calls overnight. Let our trained, highly motivated Call Center / BDC members handle all of the mailer calls. They will prequalify and set appointments for BUYERS to come into your showroom. Along with the BDC comes a custom landing page that allows customers to set their own appointments. All these leads will get pushed into the dealer CRM for ease of use.


  • PURL (Personalized URL) on mail pieces
  • Barcode for in Showroom Identification
  • Scanner for use in the Showroom
  • Scanner will load leads into CRM and change status from “Appointment” to “Showed”
  • 24/7 Call Center with LIVE Operator to set appointment
  • Website / Landing Page for customers to set appointment
  • Leads push into dealer CRM in real time
  • Leads also emailed to GM or Sales Staff
  • POS & Winning Poster Included
  • Email Blast to remarket to all responders
  • ROI Report after sale to see how many vehicles sold

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