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Enhanced Postal Opimization

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With our Enhanced Postal Opimization services, Neo Marketing now offers you more control over your mail delivery. Using EPO means you'll minimize postage costs & delivery time. Gaining the competitive advantage of mailing to your destination faster, easier and more efficiently.
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Neo Marketing provides clients with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed in today's marketplace. Technology has forever changed the way consumers react to advertising, perform research and make purchases. We've all come to expect timely, targeted messages with direct appeal, and have become distrustful of generic mass marketing. We help win the Micro-Moments.

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Our methods take challenges and turn them into opportunities for your dealership to thrive! The solution to your problems could be a highly targeted, custom, personalized automotive direct mail campaign. We will help you find the best plan (that's how we stand out) by focusing on clients real problems and delivering a cost-effective & measurable solution.

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Direct Mail

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Digital Display Targeting

Using an algorithm to map back from physical address to IP address is the most effective way to digitally target prospects on the internet today. Our unique system allows you to cut out cookie based digital display advertising and use laser focus. The best part is we take the people on the mailing list and match it back to the actual address for a highly targeted campaign. This process shows an over all up tic in effective reach. Try it today!

Direct Mail & Email Targeting

In todays world a multi channel approach is best to reach prospects. Prospects are shown to check email no less than three times a day and many immediately upon the chime of a fresh email hitting their inbox. With our email targeting we have 100% reach technology and we defeat SPAM blockers. So when paired with Direct Mail you can see a lift in sales.

Direct Mail & Social Media

So, you want to advertise on Facebook and Instagram? Well we have the solution for you. We match those from the direct mail list back to their social media foot print and serve the same coordinated message back to them as they look at what their Facebook friends ate for dinner! Genius! It works and will increase sales…

Social Media:

Neo Marketing takes pride in identifying prospects in a current buying cycle to create a mailing list. We then create custom personalized direct mail lists to reach these hot prospects in a supercharged way. In addition to high powered precision direct marketing, we can then take the high powered mailing list & find these same people on social media to hit them in these sites to bolster the direct mail responses.

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Direct Mail & Inventory Listing Networks

We do Direct Mail very well and we also have the ability to list your inventory on thousands of sites where shoppers can find them! We specialize in listing placement and promote your inventory the right way for much less than those pay for position listing sites.

Listing your Inventory

We list your inventory on over 1,000 different Automotive Shopping web sites for you! Your inventory list generates leads & you only pay when the deal is closed! Our very simple & cost effective method to advertise your entire inventory is a snap. That's not all... You're gonna love the cash you save for similar results you'd be getting with high cost listing sites.

The List is Key

At Neo Marketing we consider this the most important part of every job. This is one reason we have each manager hand pick the prospects to receive our custom personalized direct mail. We choose the very best DMS prospects and conquest prospects for each of our clients to ensure the very best high quality responses.

The List

Who works 'the list' and how is such a crucial component to making sure your direct marketing is as high powered as can be… This is why the sales professional you agree to partner with is the same person who “works” the mailing list. By not passing off this key step to a disconnected account manager located in a different state we generate better results based on your specific goals. True partnership!

Offering Text or Call

We have a unique way to invite prospects to engage with you wether by email, web interaction, phone, and now, even by allowing them to text you! We see a spike in interactions by allowing multiple ways for hot prospects to contact your sales teams. We know you will love Text or Call features you can add to any campaign.

Reaching Out

How are your prospects responding? With Neo we offer a very unique way for prospects to communicate with your dealership. We provide a simple to use dash board. All text messages and emails to flow in with responding and managing conversations ease. This is the most modern form of allowing prospects to reach out to YOU and your staff.

Craigslist Connect

With our unique Craigslist listing tool you will be showered with leads and opportunities. We create ads based on the algorithms of what people are looking for and instantly match your inventory and post directly to Craigslist. We even offer to repost inventory to replace sold inventory with in 24 hours to maximize your selling efforts.



(Personal Uniform Resource Locator)’s can be added to several of our programs allowing prospects to check in on line and communicate with the dealerships program offer. These links are completely customized to the prospect and they experience a high level of engagement when they log on to understand how they can take advantage of offers and contests.


Personal Uniform Resource Locator’s (PURL) is a link we can include on certain direct mailers allowing people to interact in a unique manor. These links, when clicked, take the prospect to a landing page specifically designed for them and allows them a unique experience taking results to a higher level.

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Optimized & Proven strategies

The quality of the product is important. The customization of the product is significant. The personalization of the product is essential in todays world. In addition to these crucial elements of a successful campaign the data list needs to be a key focus. Our focus is a combination of all these and we pay careful attention to each person who receives a direct communication.

The data list is critical to the success of each direct mail campaign and we at Neo Marketing personally work our lists. The professional who optimizes your campaign will be the same person who gets your proofs, handles Co-Op, works the list, trains your dealership, and provides you with your ROI report.

Having a company care so much about the list is what you need to grow sales and is what you should expect from a marketing partner.

What Clients Say?

Customer Testimonails

What made this campaign a success was their ability to handle all leads that came in the showroom & called to the store as well as constantly mailing.

Kia Store 4 Square Mailer
Customer Testimonails

I am happy with the results of this mailer. We have had people coming in with the mailer in hand all week. My sales managers have told me we made at least 10 sales so far probably more. I would like to meet next week and plan a strategy for February and March.

Honda Store
Customer Testimonails

In todays market place you need more than just vendors, you need partners with a passion to help you win. With a deluge of options to cloud a marketing plan, focus needs to be priority. Neo Marketing is more than a vendor, they are a partner who maintain a clear and precise plan based on our goals driving crucial and trackable results. Neo is a key partner to our success every month

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